Queenslander Renovations in Brisbane

Why 2016 is the Year for Queenslander Renovations in Brisbane

What makes Queenslanders special?

‘Queenslander’ homes are an iconic feature of Brisbane streets and a unique part of Australia’s cultural heritage. There is a charming openness to this style of home, reflective of a time in history when immigrants to Australia adapted their lifestyles to suit a completely different environment to their European backgrounds.

Built to withstand the harsh Queensland climate, the word ‘Queenslander’ conjures an image of a sprawling, timber home, perched on stilts with an extensive, shaded verandah and steep iron roof. These features were much more than cosmetic, designed to provide shelter from both the scorching Queensland sun and frequent torrential thunderstorms.

Queenslander homes are known for their durable materials and sturdy construction, holding fast against the test of both time and nature. Having stumps as a foundation not only allows air to pass all around the house, helping it cool down on hot summer days, but also protects against minor flooding.

Gordon Park, Red Hill and Ashgrove are all known for their iconic Queensland homes, and in Chelmer and Ascot, there are entire streets of charming Queenslanders standing proud to this day.

2016 looks bright for Queenslander renovations

Financially, 2016 will be a good time for Brisbane home renovations. Brisbane’s property values have been slowly but steadily increasing throughout 2015, and experts predict the market to grow the fastest in Australia over 2016.

The Brisbane Home Show will be the place in 2016 to pick up renovation ideas, get free advice from expert Queensland suppliers, and try out and buy the products you want to incorporate into your project.

Now’s the time to upgrade your Queenslander into the home you’ll need from 2016 and beyond. If you’re expecting a baby, build a new living space to give them the room they’ll need, add that ensuite you’ve always wanted, or give your current bathroom a makeover, expand your kitchen and dining room for dinner parties, or add a garage for your dream car.

Need a hand?

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